The dog knows best…

4 August 2010

“Today, I would like to become the man my dog thinks I am.”

Jack Thomson, a North American entrepreneur, speaks to us all, pet-owners or not, on a 5 T’ai Chi Day. We all find ourselves in the House of our Birth Star. A fine day for fact-finding and fact-facing…and, if needs be, throwing out the old and bringing in the new.

This is how I see this special day for your Birth Star…

1 Water Star: Open up your inner horizons, explore your heart’s desire.
2 Earth Star: A feeling of belonging will ease your psychic stock take.
3 Thunder Star: Exuberance energizes the steps you are about to make.
4 Wind Star: Harness your creative spirit and amaze yourself.
5 T’ai Chi Star: Exercise your knack for transformation to delight your dear ones.
6 Heaven Star: The writing on the wall really is for you.
7 Lake Star: Leave no room for doubt in your mind today.
8 Mountain Star: Blaming others, you give up your crucial right to change.
9 Fire Star: Get as comfortable with transparency as you are with visibility.

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We’re asked to look at the price, when we should always question the value.

A 6 Heaven day is all about discrimination. It is about weighing up and assessing the way ahead. Focus on what you are worth, not how much it will cost.

Today the iChi for your Birth Star looks like this.

1 Water Star: Decide what you are worth, as you are on show today.
2 Earth Star: At a deeper level, look at the values that dictate your life.
3 Thunder Star: Cherish the sense of worth you receive from your dear ones.
4 Wind Star: Tearing up the rulebook means writing a new one.
5 T’ai Chi Star: You will know in your heart what you need to let go of.
6 Heaven Star: A good day to really observe what works and what doesn’t.
7 Lake Star: Don’t try to make sense of the order of things, let it prevail.
8 Mountain Star: You will experience the benefit of your clear conscience.
9 Fire Star: A good day for a re-think, but not for any regrets.

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Seeing is not believing

2 August 2010

“Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.”

Comedian Bill Cosby’s acute observation about awareness sets the perfect tone for a 7 Lake Star Day, when the reflective iChi points us in the direction of light-hearted self-reflection, as we consider our personal harvest this year so far.

This what the day looks like for your Birth Star:

1 Water Star: It’s a day to work with your inner eye.
2 Earth Star: The eyes of your world will be upon you today.
3 Thunder Star: Slow down and focus on what change you want.
4 Wind Star: Be sure to consider the perspective of those you trust.
5 T’ai Chi Star: To understand your potential look longer, deeper and harder.
6 Heaven Star: A fine day for you, as perspicacity meets prescience.
7 Lake Star: Survey the landscape of your life with gratitude and acceptance.
8 Mountain Star: A keen, sharp single-mindedness will reap benefits.
9 Fire Star: A calm, twilit day for you – slow down and really enjoy it.

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Fulfil your heart’s desires. Start your own revolution.

Saturday’s explosive 9 Fire Star iChi is bounded by the steady more grounded energy of Friday’s 1 Water Star and Sunday’s 8 Mountain Star.

Ideally you’d leave Friday with a well-rounded plan for the month to come. Cast your cares to the wind as Saturday dawns. Sunday is a chance to look into your heart to see if your world is the way you want it. If not, start your own revolution.

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“A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.”

American poet James Russell Lowell’s little riddle encourages a different way of looking at things.

And on a 2 Earth Day, it is very timely to look at both ourselves and our planet.
Are we caretakers of our Earth, or is it a convenience store for us to plunder at will? We need to see it as it really is.

Here’s how today’s iChi might guide your thinking:

1 Water Star: Your preoccupation with action needs to prevail.
2 Earth Star: You will feel the yin and the yang of it all today.
3 Thunder Star: A sense order will guide your inspiration.
4 Wind Star: The chance to relax will evoke new thought.
5 T’ai Chi Star: Deep thought will change the complexion of your life.
6 Heaven Star: Drop any pretence of grandeur; go with the flow.
7 Lake Star: Acknowledge the need to hunker down and plan
8 Mountain Star: Don’t resist the strength of collaborative effort.
9 Fire Star: Expect a brilliant turn of mind to give birth to a great idea.

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“Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude.”

Motivational guru Zig Ziglar’s neat sound-bite provides focus for a full-on 3 Thunder Day.

This is how today looks for your Birth Star:

1 Water Star: Today’s iChi could bring you to the boil. Relax and win.
2 Earth Star: A sense of power underlies the fabric of your day.
3 Thunder Star: The focus of others brings a sense of fulfilment.
4 Wind Star: Discipline brings relief not restriction.
5 T’ai Chi Star: Your ability to intuit let’s you take it easy.
6 Heaven Star: Accomplish more by being rather than doing.
7 Lake Star: A day of revelation – you may well be surprised.
8 Mountain Star: The art of planning is an open, clear mind.
9 Fire Star: That you are alone is simply an illusion.

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“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

All time great 4 Wind Star, William Shakespeare, probably never wrote a truer line.

This 4 Wind Day beckons with full on iChi. The energy is right but the attitude has to be too – to achieve our potential.

This is how this creative day looks for your Birth Star:

1 Water Star: A day when you can naturally assume and get support.
2 Earth Star: Let there be no doubt that you can get what you want.
3 Thunder Star: When you add more, you either get excess or success.
4 Wind Star: A little effort can go a very long way today.
5 T’ai Chi Star: Concentration will notch up your performance.
6 Heaven Star: Take time to acknowledge your achievements.
7 Lake Star: Penetrating insights will disclose new benefits.
8 Mountain Star: Illuminate, investigate, but don’t procrastinate.
9 Fire Star: Moderate your impulse to act: scan your horizons.

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“The only sure way of avoiding mistakes is to have no new ideas…”

Perhaps you don’t have to be an “Einstein” to grasp this, but it took the great genius to phrase it so elegantly.

It’s a perfect notion to entertain on a 5 T’ai Chi Day, when we all find ourselves back in the Houses of our birthday. Truly a chance for progress, redefinition, even reinvention. Give yourself a brand new creative idea as a “Birth” day present.

This is how the outlook for your Birth Star looks today for any exciting week ahead.

1 Water Star: Important for you to seek inspiration through meditation.
2 Earth Star: A great sense of comfort will encourage your muse.
3 Thunder Star: Let your energy spiral into new explorations.
4 Wind Star: The only thing you should doubt is doubt itself.
5 T’ai Chi Star: Pivotally situated, you can make vital connections.
6 Heaven Star: Responsibility today means gratitude and creativity.
7 Lake Star: A wry smile and a carefree attitude will serve you well.
8 Mountain Star: A day to polish an inspiring idea till it shines.
9 Fire Star: Your ideas may well be tested today. Stay on the plot.

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Friday’s 8 Mountain iChi brings the week to a reflective close, but with an encouraging air of expectancy. And that sense of hope is well accommodated by a Saturday ruled by the 7 Lake Star – radiating an energy of gratitude and thanksgiving, creating a perfect space for celebration – large or small.

Sunday’s 6 Heaven Star will have you counting your blessings as this area of I Ching Astrology’s cosmic grid is ruled by the I Ching’s prosperity conscious Father trigram.

A fine mid-summer’s weekend.

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The secret of success

22 July 2010

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

American humorist Arnold H. Glasow unknowingly captured the essence of a 9 Fire Day. “Walk” and “talk” need to be in the right order.

This is how today’s high energy Fire iChi might well affect your Birth Star.

1 Water Star: Disregard your need to be needed. Act with confidence.
2 Earth Star: Serenity rules today: enjoy the calm within the storm.
3 Thunder Star: Flourish in your intentions: clear mental blocks.
4 Wind Star: The trick with prominence is transparency.
5 T’ai Chi Star: Let your intuition run free with as you plan ahead.
6 Heaven Star: Drop your guard. Appreciate the ideas of others.
7 Lake Star: You are blessed with a powerful flow of positive iChi.
8 Mountain Star: Focus on the main thing; don’t be diverted.
9 Fire Star: A real renewal means many new connections.

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